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Former NDAS information

Dear NDAS users,

IOCELL Networks Corp., a pioneer of Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS) technology, has officially purchased NDAS technology from the original developer, Ximeta.

You can vist by the following link: http://www.iocellnetworks.com

What is NDAS?

NDASTM stands for "Network Direct Attached Storage." It is a patented technology which connects digital storage devices (HDD, ODD, Memory, Tape Drives) directly to a local area network using standard Ethernet connections. After installing the connection protocol and registering each device, a host computer or other device can directly control, use and share the storage.


Storage is connected to the LAN by Ethernet and can then be accessed by wired or wireless computers or other device and used by multiple users at once.


Each host system can have direct access to the storage. Hard disks appear as local disks, as if they were installed in the computer.


It is an external storage device that is directly attached to the network. Many NDAS devices also have single host connections such as USB or eSATA for seamless portability as well.


HDD, DVD, SSD, Tape drives and etc, basically any standard storage can be accessed on the network by NDAS.